Can the Wyze thermostat control remote switches?

Hi folks -

I have two, appliance-grade “smart switches” (another brand, but Google/Alexa compatible) that can turn on/off electric baseboard heaters.

I see that the Wyze thermostat is available with “remote” thermostats so as to monitor multiple room temperatures. Can the Wyze thermostat tell my smart switches to turn those baseboard heaters on/off to maintain a given temperature in a given room with the baseboard heaters? If not, any ideas? Thanks…

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Not sure what you are looking at doing, but here are the Triggers available to the Thermostat:

  • Turns on Heat Mode
  • Turn on Cool Mode
  • Is set to Home
  • Is set to away
  • Is set to sleep

Any one of these can trigger the action of something else.

What are you trying to do?



I’d like the Wyze thermostat to “read” the remote temperature of a Wyze Room Sensor, and then tell the appropriate smart plug to turn ON or OFF, based on the temperature in that room.


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I understand, thanks for clarifying.

however, at this time, there is no trigger for the remote sensor T-Stat to do this, the only triggers available are the ones listed.

With that said, do you have Wyze’s Home Monitoring System (HMS)? If you do you can use a climate sensor attached to that and then trigger on the following:

  • Senses the Temperature is above
  • Senses the Temperature is below
  • Senses the humidity is above
  • Senses the humidity is below

So based on this, you could set the action to tirn on the switch when the temp is above a certain temp and the off when the temp is below a certain temp


So you are saying I’d need to subscribe to a service? This one (below)? And then buy at least the hub, and at least one temperature sensor? Thanks…

Bump for further advice - thanks.