Can the Wyze OG cam be used with the Wyze Floodlight?

Is the OG Cam compatible with the Wyze Floodlight?

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It comes with a built in spotlight

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As @WayneHavens says, the Wyze Cam OG has a built-in spotlight, but no the add-on spotlight will not work with the Wyze Cam OG or Wyze Cam OG Telephoto.


Sorry I meant the Wyze Floodlight

Only the v3 can control accessories like the floodlight, however you can use the OG as a second camera plugged into the extra USB port on the back of the floodlight, it just won’t be able to control the floodlight


Can the Wyze OG spotlight be turned off manually?

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Yes. The spotlight can be manually toggled on and off in the live stream view just like the spotlight on the V3Pro.

The Motion Activation feature of the spotlight can also be disabled in the settings.

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Will there be an option to set the OG spotlight to turn on dusk-to-dawn?

The OG Cam already supports Dusk to Dawn Motion Activated Spotlight. With the Spotlight feature enabled in the cam sertings, the cam will activate on motion when in low light situations. It will not activate on motion when there is sufficient light for standard daylight color vision.

If you were asking if the OG spotlight can be scheduled to stay on from dusk till dawn, this can be accomplished by use of a Sunset / Sunrise Schedule Rule.

If you wanted the OG Cam Spotlight to only activate on CamPlus Person, Pet, Package, or Vehicle Detection; or on Sound Detection; or if you wanted the OG Spotlight to stay on for a longer period of time that you specify; all during Dusk to Dawn… This can also be accomplished by Trigger Rules with Time Constraints and the Spotlight Feature Setting on the cam disabled.

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Thanks, SlabSlayer. I will try to figure out how to set up a rule for this. I have never set up a rule on any of my cams before. Should be interesting.

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Thanks for this great info, answered exactly what I was looking for “advanced spotlight conditions”!

Follow-up question: If 1st rules (with conditions) to turn ON spotlight

Is it possible to set 2nd rule to turn OFF spotlight when NO motion?

Currently i’ve elected spotlight on for X minutes, but curious if a set of rules could be established for spotlight on/off based on motion; while retaining ability to establish advance conditions (as discussed here) leveraging cam plus

Unfortunately no. There is no trigger in the rules for “no motion” on the OG Cam. Timer off is the only option in the Actions.

The only device in the Wyze lineup that has a “No Motion” trigger is the Motion Sensor which requires the Sense Hub.

That is what I thought, but wanted to ask just to be sure. Thanks for your quick response

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When I tested my spotlight on the Wyze OG Cam (I don’t use it outdoors) but in a dark room, the spot light did recognize motion when I passed the device, it came on, and it did go off automatically after a minute or so.

Not sure if that’s what your asking. I did not create any kind of rule.

The only current option for deactivation of the OG spotlight is by timer function in both the rules (user variable) and settings (preset default value), at which point, after a brief status reset timeout, it will reactivate if motion is still present and start the timer again.

I believe the OP was looking to be able to deactivate the spotlight only when motion stops for X amount of time.