Wyze Cam OG Self-triggers when spotlight turns off

Purchased two OG cameras. One is outside and facing our deck area. I’ve noticed that there is an infinite loops where the camera will trigger it’s own motion detection when the spotlight turns off. This fills the timeline with events every minute of the light turning off.

I’ve adjusted the detection settings to lower the sensitivity for motion, but no luck there.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

I haven’t seen this issue with my OG.

I have plenty of motion lights (non-Wyze) around it that would trigger it almost non-stop during the evening hours with many cars driving by. The spotlight would get triggered by both turning on and off of those other lights, but never by its own spotlight. (OK, I didn’t check all those hundreds of clips, but so far haven’t found one)

I’ve set my detection to 100, and turned off the camera status light and night vision because of bugs/snow/rain reflection.

Maybe you can try submitting videos of the spotlight triggered events and hopefully they can fix that issue.

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Submitted a support ticket with sample videos. Will add details in this thread when I get some.

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