Can the V4 spotlight be set to be on all night?

Maybe I’m missing it, but can the V4 spotlight be set to be on all night? Not just for motion?

If you toggle off Motion under Spotlight Settings for your v4, you can create a rule of type schedule or trigger to turn the spotlight on between sunset and sunrise, but only for a max continuous duration of 60 minutes. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

If you have a spare Wyze device that can be used as a proxy, you can use the proxy to keep turning the spotlight on every hour for an hour between sunset/sunrise. I use Wyze plugs as proxies. Some here use bulbs. Let us know if you need help setting the rules up for this kludge.

Thank you. I’ll have to figure out how to do the proxy. Are we just having the plug turn off the cam every hour to reset the spot light timer?
When I try to set a rule to keep the spotlight on for an hour I get a delay time to long message when I save. Highest it lets me go is 15 minutes.

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No. The plug acts as a proxy, effectively replacing the v4’s spotlight control.

You’ll need to do 3 things:

  1. Turn your Cam v4’s spotlight control off (disable the cam’s spotlight control by toggling off Motion):

  2. Create a rule of type “Schedule” (Wyze app Home > Add (“+” icon upper left) > Add Rule > + icon upper right > Schedule). The purpose of this rule is only to do the initial spotlight turn on action at sunset (± X mins). You’ll need to turn your phone’s location on and ensure the Wyze app has location permission. It needs location to determine sunset/sunrise times (nighttime) for this rule and the following rule in step 3. For Action, you set your cam’s spotlight on for max time (60 mins). Set your desired start time and provide the app with your location. Don’t set an end time for this rule… it’s not necessary as the rule simply does the initial spotlight turn on once every evening and the rule in step 3 takes over after that.

  3. Create a rule of type “Device & Service Trigger”. The purpose of this rule is for the proxy (Wyze Plug in this example) to repeatedly turn the spotlight on for 60 minutes, set a timer for 59 minutes and continuously repeat this process between sunset (± X mins) and sunrise (± X mins). This rule/trigger ensures that the spotlight remains on for your specified timeframe without interruption.

Disclaimer & sidenote/cons:

  • I don’t know what the life expectancy is for spotlight-equipped Wyze cams, but whatever it is, running this example will considerably shorten the lifespan of the spotlight LEDs.
  • Continuously running the spotlight will considerably increase attraction to insects, which increases the likelihood of spiders building webs around and in front of your cam.
  • If you are running any flavor of motion detection to generate events, continuously running the spotlight will create an absurd level of events at night during rain, snow, dew, fog, insect swarm, etc.

If I try to do 60 minutes in the rule is get a delay is to long message.

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Wow… that’s a bug. Just set it to 15 minutes. Then in the 2nd rule set Plug’s Has been on for to 14 minutes and under Action set cam’s Turn on Spotlight to 15 minutes.