Can the thermostat control an outlet with a routine?

interested in getting a Wyze thermostat and I wanted to know if I could set up routine so that when the house reaches a certain temperature it turns on a Wyze outlet that controls my whole house fan - and then off after it hits a lower temperature?

I’ve found that the best way to coordinate disparate devices, in this case a Wyze thermostat and (I’m assuming) a Wyze plug, is to simply use Alexa (Google home if your on the ecosustem (although, I’m not sure the thermostat is recognized through Google yet).

I do this as Wyze is not ( nor will they ever ) be the only brand of devices I use, and to use the Wyze app for some control and Alexa for the others, just creates two control points that need to be maintained and debugged in the event that things do not act as expected.

Using Alexa, as long as both your trigger device and action device are recognized by Alexa, you are able to achieve what you want to do in a simple and consistent method.

Off topic: this is why an API would allow an end user flexibility to determine what master control method is best for their own use case. and the ability to establish one master control system for ALL their devices.

Whether that’s Alexa, HA, SmartThings, Google Home, etc. , an open API would serve the user well.