Can the OG telephoto camera work with the flood light?

Will the OG telephoto work with the floodlight. Can it be powered off of the flood light as a second camera and can motion recognition from the OG telephoto camera turn on the flood light?

The OG will NOT recognize the floodlight accessory if that’s what you mean, it can’t control the accessory. Only the v3 will recognize the accessory.

Yes , the OG can be powered up by the back usb port. I believe that you could also power up the OG and telephoto together as well, I read it on the forum bc but not sure if it’s true.

I’m pretty sure it can , you just set up a rule for this to work. I did the same using the secondary v3 that was powered up by the back usb port , that when it detects motion or people to turn on the floodlight so I’m sure that could work with the OG with some rules.


Only a V3 can control the Floodlight directly.


Not directly in the floodlight controls. However using a rule, you should be able to set this up.

Use the OG Motion detection as the trigger and the V3 w\ the Floodlight as the action to turn on the floodlight.