Will the OG Telephoto work using Infrared Light

I wish to monitor an area with no ambient light at night which cannot be illuminated with visible light for aesthetic reasons. My plan would be to use an IR flood light and an OG Telephoto to maintain nighttime security. Will the OG Telephoto provide a usable image and register motion with an IR light source?


Both OG Cams have their own LED IR Light emitters embedded within the face of the cam that can be enabled and disabled within the cam settings while the cam is in IR Night Vision Mode. They will also show a very clear picture with an external IR Floodlight or Spotlight.

This is the OG Telephoto just after midnight in an extremely dark garage with only the IR light from the OG T and the OG S.


Keep in mind this is inside. If you point the cam outside and there’s no walls or objects nearby the light may not be sufficient.

I have V3 cams outdoors with only the IR from the cam and they provide enough IR for a great image.