OG not switching night vision mode on or off

I now have an OG and an OG Telephoto to try out. I am having an issue with the night vision switching. If it is off, it does not turn on when it gets dark. If I manually turn it on, it does not switch to normal vision the following morning. I have 2 days of events on the OGT that recorded in IR mode during the daytime.

Do you have the Night Vision Mode on the Advanced Settings page set to Auto, or are you setting it to either On or Off? From your description, it sounds like you have the camera set in something other than “Auto” - which should give the results you describe.

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I am seeing something similar.

I have an outside mounted OG, with night vision mode set to Auto, I have the IR lights off, because I have a V3 cam mounted next to it, that has its IR lights enabled, and also has night vision mode set to auto. They both point basically in the same direction, and have a similar view facing south.

In the evening, they both switch to night mode at about the same time, at around 9:30pm, within about 5 minutes of each other.

In the morning, the OG will not switch from night mode to day mode, until about 11:30 am, long after the sun has come up, even with irect sunlight shining on the ground its its field of view, nearly 6 hours after the V3 next to it auto switches to day mode.

In the morning (after the V3 has auto-switched to day mode, if I manually go to the settings of the OG, and manually switch night mode off, then it switches to day mode. Then if I switch it back to auto, then it stays in day mode until the evening when it switches to night mode with the V3 cam.

It is set to “auto” and remain in whatever state it is when set.

I am having the same issue with my OG Telephoto.

I just looked at my three powered OG Tele cameras to make sure of what mine were doing. The top one stays in daytime mode I assume largely because the streetlight in the image. The middle one is in a remote radio site that normally has the lights off, so I only have a single image. The bottom one actually switches modes. You can see on the cable modem on the left and the powered speaker in the middle (that got left on) that it is switching to night mode.