Can take videos but not snapshots

I STILL see the “operation failed” error on 2 of my 8 V1 cameras when trying to take a snapshot photo, taking a video works fine. (All eight had worked perfectly previously) Began after the update as above with everyone else, but for whatever reason I have two cameras that persist with this error. I have tried restarting the cameras, unplugging power, restarting app, reformatting SD cards etc… in short everything I can think of without success. I even deleted and re-installed one of the two without improvement. Other suggestions? Firmware is latest for V1 cams (as far as I am aware, Patrick.
iOS 12.4 on iPhone 7 Plus.

I don’t have any V1s, but I haven’t had any issues on my V2s or Pan Cam. Is this still happening or did it resolve itself like the other 6 cams?

No, still stuck. No clue why it only affects two of the eight???
They still work, can do live view, can do video from, but cannot take a snapshot… which I have done thousands of times before in the same setup…

Have tried new SD cards, reformatting SD cards, deleting and re-adding/re-installing cameras all without change? Tried from home Wifi, from outside home via cell… no change

Still says “Operation Failed” when I try to “Take Photo” (all the other cameras say “Saved to Album” when doing the same)

Bummed, hoping for a suggestion from Wyze… maybe a replacement?


I would recommend recreating the issue, then submitting logs so Wyze can see what’s causing the error:

It could be a software bug that only affects V1s, or maybe something in your environment that isn’t obvious from the error.

After submitting logs you could try reloading the firmware manually from SD card on one of the cameras if you haven’t already, just to see if that changes anything.

Just sent report and logs. Will see if anything comes of it.
Thanks for the help

Just noticed the same issue with one of my V2 Wyzecams.

Trouble shooting steps in the order I performed them.
Firmware check for updates. The firmware is up to date.
Tried turning the device off and on through “More” (splash menu) → “Turn off” - issue persists
Tried restarting the device via the gear → “Restart Device” - issue seems to be somehow solved this feature now works as expected on this V2 Wyzecam.

I’ve been only experiencing this problem with one of my four V2 Wyzecams. Knowing how lots of technology things just work better after a clean ‘restart’ (especially if there’s been an update), I’m therefore performing the “Restart Device” on all my Wyzecams as a preventative measure.

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I’m having the same issue with my V2 cameras. It was working fine one day, and the next day both of my cameras gave me the “operation failed” error when I “Take Photo” but “Record” works without issues. I soft “Restart Device” both and now one worked and the other still stubbornly refused to comply to my “Take Photo” requests. :dizzy_face:

Hopefully there’s a software fix for this issue in the near future!

Still not working for me. Haven’t heard anything from anyone at Wyze directly? Must not be widespread, but it is annoying. Since all my other cameras work fine I suspect something may have failed (or maybe is) failing internally… bummed. I purchased my cameras (all V1’s) in two batches of 4, so maybe I got a bum batch? Anyway, am willing to try a beta or software fix if someone at Wyze wants to send me one…

Very odd behavior. I have two V2 cameras, and the Take Photo button would work for one, the other, both, or neither, depending on, I think, the atmospheric pressure. :crazy_face: Please release a patch to address this! Video recording, however, seems to work consistently.