Can’t hear doorbell inside house

When someone presses doorbell, they can hear doorbell and video shows up on app. Door bell does not ring inside. Little ring box has orange light on it. Internet issue or ???

Did you install the chime as an accessory to the doorbell? Can you see the chime settings? What is the chime set up as? Here is the status light support article.

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The chime or inside door bell came with the outside Wyze Doorbell. It plugs into the wall of the house and makes the bell noise when someone pushes the outside doorbell. I can’t find my instruction booklet to find the set up information. I thought it had a blue light on it when I connected it to the internet. So I suspect something with the internet. It worked fine for two months when I first installed it.

On the Wyze video doorbell the chime gets added as an accessory to the doorbell device. I’d try installing or added the chime again.

You can click around that support site and it’ll have everything that was in the quick start guide and more.