Can’t enable location settings iOS

My Wyze door lock suddenly stopped working unless I was close enough to my apartment to actually be connected to the wi-fi. I rebooted my router and reset the hub to no effect. I reinstalled the app only to find that when the setup asks to enable Location Sharing that the enable button was unresponsive. When I went to my iPhone settings the Wyze app is no longer listed under “Location Settings” so I’m unable to turn it on manually. I’m on an iPhone 11 version 15.5

Is Location Services turned on?
Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services should be On

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Yes Location Services is turned on. It was working before, and location services is still working with other apps, but Wyze is no longer appearing on the list of apps for location services. If I try to unlock the door while out of range of wi-fi and on cellular data then I get an “Unknown Error”. This occurred before and after I reinstalled the app, reset the hub, and rebooted my router.

That’s not the right place to check…but, I"ll take your word for it. I know that I’ve had times when things get toggled on/off after an update. I know that I didn’t change the setting. It just got changed somehow.

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On my iPad settings I go to Privacy->Location Services->Wyze (in the program list).

Kboggs the screen shot I posted is that of the app list under location services for toggling them. This is the same list WildBill posted. The problem is that Wyze is not populating in this list for me as if the app doesn’t support location services at all. I’m glad you took my word for it because otherwise we’d have to do a lot of back-and-forth. The forum only lets me post one pic at a time so here’s the one confirming that location services is on. Do you see the problem now?

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