Location feature rule

Hi, would love to get your help.

I’m a beta tester and I have tried the location rule feature.

I configured the location and create two rules, when I leave and when I enter and none of them are working.

I wanted the notification to turn off when I arrive and to turn on when I leave. and its not working

Need more information. Can you post screenshot of the rules you’ve setup. Have you given the Wyze app access to location data on your phone?

thanks for the quick reply, The location permission was on “while using the app” and I have now changed it to “Always”, so I will check if it solve the issue.
Attached you can see the rule

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The rule configuration looks like it should work. Do you leave the Wyze app running on the phone when you leave? It’s been a while since I set mine up…can’t remember if you need to specify which device is used for location. Also, do you have a second device running the Wyze app? If so, make sure to set the secondary to allow location only when using the app and then make sure the app is NOT running on the secondary device when you leave.

This is one of my location rules which is working:

+1 same problem here, with a similar Rules setup. For me though it does sometimes (infrequently) work as expected.

It is working but after awhile I saw that the app drains lots of battery so I stopped this rule and stopped it from using location at all time

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