Can’t connect to camera but still getting motion alerts

Hi All,

I have about 6 Wyze v2 cameras running right now. Of those, I can connect to 4 of them just fine. The other 2 keep trying to connect but never do. The attempt number just increases. The thing is that I’m still getting motion alerts from the camera and they’re accurate so I know they’re still connected to the network.

The only thing that has changed is the app on my iPhone apparently updated over night. Nothing else has changed. I was able to onnect to these cameras yesterday but not today.

It kind of sucks because I’m traveling and use these to watch the house while I’m gone and I’m not there to mess with them. Kind of need them to be reliable! If they stop working every time the app updates and I have to mess with them they’re not going to be a good solution for me.

Anyone have any ideas on what to do to try to reconnect to them while I’m gone?

I believe this is the current issue they are looking into.


Also submit a support ticket via the application and be sure to enable the logs option when sending in the ticket. This will help rule if in fact it is related or not related to the issues stated in the above post.

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