Can’t connect - error code 90 - after upgrading software upon first run pan tilt

Can’t connect error code 90 after upgrading software onto pan tilt


nine cameras all dead. Cycled power, logged out back in, set up each as new camera, tried all of my 2.4 networks, tried only on cell on main phone, tried everything.


what next?

Not sure what exactly you mean by “dead”, but hard to believe all nine cameras failed at the same time. So I’d try deleting and reinstalling the Wyze app and filing a support ticket with Wyze.

Yes, they haven’t responded. And yes to deleting the app restarting the app rebooting age phone I mean each camera setting up each camera as a new camera trying different 2 GHz Wi-Fi systems that I have man I’ve tried everything


dead meaning that when I pulled them out of the box for the first time and hook them up everything went great all night and cameras worked but then each camera asked to be updated which I did and after that they didn’t work .

It’s probably going to take a reinstall/flash of the firmware. See this:


So you are saying that is working fine before the update but after the update is seems not working so it will because of the new update so you must try to restore or reinstall the software as it looks like a software issue.

BTW, I’ve sent in a pan and tilt wizen for a check up as it was not working and I never got an answer back. Any idea as to what’s up with it? Thanks.