Can somebody tell me if WyzeCams are full-duplex?

Meaning, can I have mic and speaker on at the same time without it feeding back? Or, do I need to toggle between talking and listening?



While you are pressing the talk button on your phone, the incoming sound is muted. So not full duplex. With the inherent sound delay, you will get echo and feedback if you try to talk to the camera while in the same room (although I’m not sure why you’d want/need to do that).

Thanks, Rick!

We’ve used another product that functions similarly. One of the annoyances is that, while we’re talking to our son through the device, we cannot hear his response unless we reactivate the speaker (and back and forth…etc), often making for a disjointed conversation.

If we, instead, keep the speaker on, it picks up our voice coming out of it which, I assume, causes the feedback when pinging back and forth between our app and the cam.

It’s not a deal breaker. But I was hoping the Wyze Cam had improved upon that “walkie-talkie” methodology and performed more like a telephone.

Thanks again for your quick response!

I can tell you that, while the speaker is muted while you talk, it does come back on automatically when you stop talking (release the talk button). You’d don’t have to manually reactivate the speaker. So that’s a little better than your other device.

Thank you. That is helpful.