Can no longer enable Person Detection

The person detection used to work, but stopped working recently.
When I try to enable it, it just shows an ad for the camera (mine is a Pan Cam):

Device model: Wyze Cam Pan

It would appear that you have no cameras installed. Try logging out of the app and back in.

I signed out and back in and still same problem.
There’s no issue with the camera feed, just the fact I can’t re-enable “Person Detection”.

(BTW, I’m using the RTSP firmware, if that makes a difference).

Yes that explains it. Person detection is not included in the RTSP software.


Thanks for the reply!
Is there a page on how to ideally downgrade from the RTSP firmware?

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well first off, here is a link to the firmware release notes and thus the firmware files you will need.

flashing back to original firmware is similar to how you flashed the rtsp just with a different file on the card for doing the flash.

this should be all you need to do.