I have one cam that has the rstp FW of The rstp is DISABLED and not being used.

This cam is NOT LISTED under the Person Detection listing in the app. I can see all other cams just fine and have enabled Person Detection on all of them. Unfortunately, I cannot enable Person Detection for this camera and it just happens to be my FRONT DOOR cam!

Any ideas other than resetting the cam back to factory specs? It is after all, mounted quite high in the eave.


What does “RTSP is disabled” mean? You still have that firmware in the camera, whether you’re running it as an RTSP cam or not. There’s no Person Detection in that firmware.

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The firmware for RTSP is different than the regular firmware, to get person detection you would have to reflash to the factory firmware

Afraid of that. Thank you Jason21271

Does anyone know if they are planning on adding person detection to RTSP firmware? Or better yet adding RTSP to the main firmware branch

My understanding is that RTSP will remain its own firmware branch but I have not heard if they are planning to bring person detection to it

Basically, they can’t fit RTSP and any newer features introduced in the regular firmware released after Dec 2018.

Statement from Wyze on the support pages.

*** Note - Since Edge AI relies on up to date firmware, this service will not work with cameras running the Wyze RTSP firmware.**

Also see this: