Can I use an iPad with wyze app as a 2nd or 3rd chime for Doorbell Pro

I’m keen on the Doorbell Pro, but being limited to 1 chime is a deal breaker.

I already have the Wyze app on a mounted & powered ipad in the kitchen for viewing Wyze camera feed, and a few other household apps like spotify.

Can I use this ipad as a secondary chime for the doorbell Pro? I would likely need to do the same in another part of the house as I have a large back yard where the chime will go & could cover the indoors with ipads.

You can get notifications when the doorbell has motion, button push, or person, and you can also get a VOIP call when the button is pushed. Would that work on your iPad?

I guess so, as long as the notification alert can be tweaked so its a long sound & can be recognised via ipad speakers from an adjacent room.
I currently get alerts via the ipad app when a person is detected out front of the house, but its a brief blip that doesn’t sound like any other app alert, etc. I just checked the Sounds and Notifications settings on the ipad. There are a few classificaitons of sounds (ringtone, alarm, etc) but non of the assigned tones match the one played by the wyze app. I also can’t find any way within the Wyze app to tweak the alert sound.

The Voip call would work, but I guess it would require you to hang up or let it ring out everytime the button is pressed.

Yea you can’t change the ringtone for notifications on IOS. Those are set in the Wyze app, and they don’t offer a way to change it right now.

You could try using an Alexa or google home speaker, I believe those announce when someone rings the doorbell