Can I set it to record motion, but not alert me?

I have the camera facing out the window. I am getting a ton of notifications. I really don’t want any notifications from this camera. Just it recording motion so I can go back and look if need be. Is there a way to set this option up? Thanks

Notifications are pretty much all or nothing at this point. You either get notifications for all cameras that have alerts enabled, or none.

However, you could disable alerts on this camera (so nothing is uploaded to the cloud) and instead insert a microSD card. Set the camera to record events only to the microSD card. You will not receive notifications for this recording (even though you still receive notifications for other camera’s alerts) and you can go back and review the recordings stored on the card via the app.

I haven’t tested it but, assuming you’re using iOS, couldn’t you just disable push notifications in the settings of the notifications view? I’m assuming alerts would still be recorded but you just wouldn’t receive a push notification. I don’t use an Android device so I’m not sure how that notification system works.

You could do this, or you could turn off notifications in the app (gear icon in the Notifications tab). The problem is, this applies to ALL cameras. I interpreted the OP’s post to mean that she wants to turn off notifications for one camera, but not the other. That is not possible.

That’s what I meant, change the in app push settings. I read it as he just had one camera facing out a window. I guess you can read it both ways. But yeah, I guess that wouldn’t work if he had multiple cameras and only wanted to disable notifications for that one specific camera.


I have exactly the same request. I’d like to disable alerts for a certain time of the day/night but have the camera continue to upload the ~12 sec of motion to the cloud. It’s basically the same situation as GIS mentioned - I have several cameras I have pointing inside the house and would like to keep alerts on for those but the two cameras I have pointing out windows continue to alert for things I don’t necessarily need - leaves or shadows.

To minimize false alarms I have minimized the motion detection zone - although I have to create some sort of rectangle that limits how much I can customize the area I would like motion detection to take effect.

Where can we put in feature requests for this camera? The Wyze camera is awesome and contains more features than many of my other cameras and features work better than many of my other cameras but there are some minor changes that could make it even more usable for me and I’m sure the users at large. I’ll list them here and transfer them as needed:

  • Allow Motion Alert ~12 video to be recorded to the cloud but allow phone notif to be turned off for certain times of the day (or all day) for individual cameras.
  • Allow motion detection zone to be a shape other than a rectangle or possibly two separate rectangles to both be considered for motion.
  • Allow Night Vision Mode to change the camera into night vision separate from turning on IR LEDs. Many of us use these cameras as security cameras pointing though a window and we would like the camera to change to night vision without the IR LEDs coming on because they just bounce off the window. I have some street lights and porch lights that produce some light and if that isn't enough for the night vision mode of the camera then I can always install an outside rated IR flood light from amazon.
  • Adjust UI so that viewing playback from SD Mem card is much more usable. Allow playback at 2X,4X,8X,16X,32X. Create some left/right skip button so you can easily skip to the next motion recording. I spend a considerable amt of time trying to get to the beginning of the next motion recording to figure out what motion was detected. I end up going way beyond the beginning. I know I can zoom in on the timescale to get closer to the beginning of the motion video but then that video ends and I'm in the white "non-motion" timeline and then I have scroll a lot to get to the next motion video. It seems like there could be just a skip button that would take you to the beginning of the next motion video portion or the beginning of the last motion video part. That way I could effectively skip through the beginning of each of the motion records to see what motion caused the recording and then either watch it or skip to the next one depending on what it was.
  • Allow the green motion rectangle to only show for the first few seconds of the video so you know what detected motion caused the recording to start. No need for this throughout the whole video - Looks very cool but sometimes overlays something I want to get detail on but I end up having the green box covering up some of the detail. It's really only needed for the first few seconds for the most part.
  • Support some type of motion for tiny bugs. I have one camera in a 4-seasons room for security. The camera is protected from rain/weather but I often get alerts at night when the motion detected is just a tiny little gnat or something that flies in the room and gets illuminated by the IR so it shows up as this white dot flying across the room. It's a very very small % of the camera viewing area but when it flies across the room and shows up as a white (IR) object it ends up causing motion to be detected and recorded. I want to leave the camera alert on at night for security alerts in case someone tries to get in the house from the 4-seasons room but I get a large number of flying bug motion alerts.
  • Allow viewing the Notifications video (~12 sec motion video from cloud) without downloading each video that is watched. Or if that's not easily possible then make some automated method so you can quickly watch each of the motion videos (love the slide to left or right for next video) and then delete them as I exit the Wyze app. Right now I have to go back and delete each of the motion videos it just downloaded and by then - my google photo app is setup to backup any new pictures/videos and may have already backed up all those Wyze videos to the Google photo cloud so now I have to delete it from the google photo cloud.
  • Create a Wyze camera model with support for outside weather/rain protection?
  • I have a few other suggestions but will leave those minor ones for another time.
  • The Wyze camera and app work better than most of my other security cameras! Kudos for such a great product! I've ordered two of the pan/tilt Wyze cams and can't wait to try those out!

Thanks for listening!