Can I retrieve deleted notification videos?

A couple of days ago I received a notification video showing my daughter walking by with our golden retriever and kitten following her. Yesterday our kitten got out and was hit by a car (running to me, I’m devastated.) My daughter is also devastated and desperately wants the video back so she can keep it. My pan cam has an SD card in it. Is there any way to restore the video? I haven’t deleted the cashe but it says there’s nothing in it. Please help. I’m heartbroken.

I’m so sorry to hear about your kitten. If you remove the micro-SD card from the camera, put it in its adapter, and insert it in your computer, you will see the file structure breaking up the recorded video by the hour and minute.

You can play each minute separately, or use a video editor to combine them into a continuous video. The first thing is to copy/upload the files to a couple of safe places, such as your Google Drive or other cloud storage. Then you can play around with them without fear of losing them.

VLC is a good video player if you don’t already have one.

So sorry, again.


In addition to the above, you can play back directly from the card by tapping the View Playback button from the live stream. In that view, tap the date and select the date of the video. Then scroll the timeline to the approximate time. When you’re close to the time, put two fingers on the timeline and move them apart (pinch-out gesture). This will zoom in on the time scale to let you narrow in on the time of the recording.

This all assumes you had the the SD card set to record either continuous or even only. To check that, tap the gear icon on the live stream page, then Advance Settings then Local Storage. Hopefully the “Local recording to micro SD card” switch is in the ON position. If not, then there’s probably not anything on the card.

For the Notification clip… I don’t know of any way to recover it once you’ve deleted it. However, you may want to contact support to see if they have a way to retrieve it off the server.

If you are using an Android phone, there have been some complaints that the notification videos are duplicated in the phone’s Wyze album and are not automatically going away. This is because they remain in the phone’s video cache. This might work in your favor if you can search through the phone’s albums, it might be there.

Sorry for your loss.