Recover video around father's unexpected death


Please answer my 3 questions which I have numbered;

My father unexpectedly, unnaturally, unnecessarily passed away 20/01/21, a Wyze Cam Pan and 2 Wyze Cam v2’s captured some of that day which I’m grateful for.
It was passed to the a Constable,

I’m about to buy Wyze Outdoor Cameras and maybe even put them indoors as they’re wireless and could help if someone turned off the house’s power

Loki a Forum Moderator wrote “For the Notification clip… I don’t know of any way to recover it once it’s been deleted However, you may want to contact support to see if they have a way to retrieve it” -

  1. So I am wondering if (as Loki suggested above) Wyze support can please help retrieve / recover any of the notification / event clips from 20/01/21 before 11am especially and from the night before 19/01/21, as it seems there was an 8 hour gap in my Kitchen Cam (I’m in Australia so Australian time zone)

My Wyze Cam Account email is the email I used to sign up to this account

I have downloaded all the notification / event clips that day that appeared but there seemed to be more

I didn’t get to see all of the footage first, others asked for it first and were going through the app first not in front of me and maybe someone accidentally deleted a clip/footage or it was deleted by someone before - as there are so little 12 second clips during that time

Some 12 second clips don’t show up/aren’t captured on sd card,

  1. is there a possibility that even though it wasn’t set to record continuously, that it did and can you get me that footage? Or if now in the settings I switched it to record continuously would it fill in the gaps from days before in SD card?

The idea behind motion / sound is to not record useless video footage but from experience motion / sound detection is not very accurate and misses out on a lot and I really wish it was set to record continuously 24/7.

  1. Do you know how I can see street safety (CCTV) cameras video footage outside our house, to try to rule out the possibility of people coming into our house to physically harm my father as people have aggressively targeted us

A constable won’t help with CCTV out side my house

I would like to highlight I’m an 90k+ Influencer with a big following ; , I can give thanks / shout-outs / bring positive publicity via social media to Wyze, you , solicitors and anyone who helps me , as businesses have paid me to.

I tried to: email support which doesn’t seem to work anymore , reply to an older ticket in email , and wanted live chat on your site but it’s an automated bot and I never spoke to a real person, I direct messaged Wyze on Instagram and my messages were seen but I didn’t receive a reply so if you could help me here it would be great as I’m desperate!

Any help is appreciated!
Thanks so much

I can’t help you with your video recovery, but I do want to say I’m sorry for your loss.

Hello @yaaas3as, and welcome to the community! I am so sorry for your loss. I would recommend contacting Wyze support by phone at +1-844-999-3226 5 am-6 pm PT Monday through Friday and 8 am-4 pm PT Saturday.

I hope that you can recover the footage.


It’s two months later. It is extremely unlikely they will be able to provide anything. In fact, from what little I understand and have seen in the forum, the moment a clip ages out of the system (14 days) it is irretrievable.

By the way if your house and the base station lose power I think your Wyze Cam Outdoor models will be mostly useless?

For the SD card there are lots of recovery tools you can try. I have had good luck with PhotoRec.