Can anyone recommend a voltmeter/multimeter for USB cords?

With the problems I’ve read on here about “flaky” cameras being resolved by more power I’d like to add one to my toolkit.
Does anyone have recommendations?

I use this for measuring if my cables are working properly for charging phones.


The one I have is by “Tacklife” but is no longer listed on Amazon. However, it looks just like this one:

It measures the voltage coming out of the USB power supply, and the current flowing through it into the load. It also measures the total charge delivered over a period of time (in mAh), which lets you determine whether battery packs are holding their advertised capacity.


I have one of these as well, and they work well for measuring standard 5V USB devices. If someone wanted to measure their smartphone charging, which can go past 7v, this wouldn’t properly measure as it is limited to 7v max.

I have this one: which works fine, but the one I prefer is from UK company PortaPower,

They’er probably all pretty much the same, but definitely get one with an attached cable. Otherwise you end up with the display facing the wrong way sometimes!


+1 on the Drok :ok_hand:

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Another +1 on the Drok, I gifted myself one :slight_smile:

I have one without an attached cable, but use a short USB extension to overcome the “display facing the wrong way” issue.

I’m not a big fan of short cables built into devices, due to the chance of a problem with the cable at some point rendering the device useless.