Not getting enough power?

Ran 25’ of usb to the location and it wouldn’t fireup and stay running on provided 1a usb charger. I upped it to a 2a and it works but getting stripped display and poor sound. Thinking I just need some more amps to make up for power loss in the distance. Anyone experienced this?? Order 3a to see if it clears things up

Much more important than the power of the usb charger is the wire gauge of the cable. The problem is voltage loss over long runs on thin wires. You don’t need a higher power charger; you need a better cable.

See this:

This cable from Amazon has been reported to work, although I’ve not tried one myself:


A regular power extension cord to get closer the the camera before the USB power supply is best, but not always possible. To power a USB device that I needed a long run and to have it inside a wall; I bought USB power supply that had 12v on the input side. Plus I got a good 12v power supply. This is also low voltage DC and would have length limits but runs alot further than USB and the 12v stuff was cheap