Is 5.3v/2A ok for the V2?

Hi, just got the v2 installed and working, I have an old samsung usb charger I want to use with it at 5.3volts and 2 amps, will this be ok for it or no?

I love it so far by the way, no hassles and easy to set up and use.

cheers :slight_smile:

That is the right one.

so .3 of a volt above the recommended 5 volt won’t hurt it?

Devices will only draw the amps they need, so 2 amps isn’t an issue. Can’t say on the excess voltage. Let’s ask the other @Mavens. Maybe someone can give a definitive answer.

Should be fine. The camera was probably designed to the USB standard of 5.00V +0.25 −0.60, but I would question your ability to tell 0.25 V from 0.3 V in a home situation with a meter that isn’t periodically calibrated. Heck, if you are measuring at the adapter, and not at the end of the wire, I’d say it probably won’t be +0.3 V at the cam anyway. I wouldn’t worry about it.

And yes, the 2A is no problem.


This would actually come in handy for a longer cable run. Kind of wish I had one. :frowning:

For just $8.49 you could be the proud owner of this;

IM big on using what I already have, also the charger that came with the unit is the wrong type for me in Australia as probably is your suggestion…

Only one anonymous Q&A mentions 5.3v and it doesn’t seem to specify anywhere? The amperage alone is not the point; it’s the over-voltage that can help a long cable run…

What silly fool told you that? It’s amperage that you want. :grin:

It was a response to @Customer.