USB plug breaking

Has anyone else had issues with the usb power adapter coming apart when you unplug it. We have two that have come apart. Part of it stays plugged into the wall and the wife went to pull it out and got shocked.

Could just be a bad box or missed QA. Mine hasn’t done that.

@coryjones26… There have been a few isolated cases where the sonic welds were not sufficiently strong. Wyze is investigating and has already taken steps to improve the process.

I have called in a Wyze employee so that they can help you with this. You should hear something soon.


Oh no! So sorry to hear about this, @coryjones26. We would love to send you replacements that we test for strength in the office and take yours back for investigation. Are you open to this?

Please let your wife know that we apologize for the shock and hope that she is okay.


This has happened to us! We’ve tried duct taping the pieces back together and had limited success only, because it separated again. Unclear why, perhaps it was bumped? I’ve been trying to locate here and on Amazon how to buy a replacement so I can continue to use the camera. Please advise @WyzeGwendolyn!

Thank you!

Please file a Support Request and look for a reply from @WyzeGwendolyn here. You will need the support ticket number. If you could post a photo of the broken adapter, that would be helpful.

If it’s a V2 model camera, pretty much any USB power adapter will work. Perhaps you have one around from an old phone or something. If it’s a Pan Cam, the adapter should be 2 amp, which are a little less common.

There are tons of them on Amazon. Here’s just one example of an inexpensive 2.4amp one that I found:

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Hi Loki,

Thanks for your response. I’ve submitted a support request–fyi I had to do it via email because the support page submission kept failing my captcha attempts–and hope to hear back. Meanwhile I’m intrigued to hear that any USB power adapter could work for my V2 camera. The one that came with my iPhone is SO much smaller. I guess the very size of the Wyze adapter lead me to believe it had a more complex internal mechanism, or something. In fact the size is problematic in a few places I’ve parked our cameras because they jut out so much farther than other plugs do.

Thanks again

We’re sorry that this happened! We would like to send you a replacement without you having to purchase one and take the old one back so we can take a look at it. Do you have a support ticket number yet? It should have come in through a reply email.

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Oh and the plug haha this little battered hit me hard enough to pop a filling out of my back molar… haha ouch… thank you Mr cheapo surge protector.

  1. Plastic housing does not appear to have adhesive holding it in place what’s so ever. And I’m not sure the sualder joints have enough sualder to do any thing productive. I didn’t even notice it was disconnected …I was reaching down to grab the usb cable it got me on the boney part of the wrist and as I was jerking back my palm hit it and got zapped… it closed and grabbed it more lol. Fun next 3 seconds.

sorry it says1 photo per post if you are new.

Well I would just put it all in this post but some where the powers that be have a rule of 1 photo upload per post when you are new and only being able to reply to a thread 3 times… this needs to be fixed asap.

Hi @DigitalFubar, I have moved this comment to a more relevant post. I will be notifying Wyze of this so they can respond to you. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I have also increased your trust level so you can post more pics and videos.

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Thank you for letting us know about this. Could you please reach out to our support team? We would like to take your plug back so we can look into this and send you a replacement. We are sorry that this happened.

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