Can a v3 camera motion event be used to control a WiFi light switch?

I have a v3 looking over a back patio that also has a wifi (Not a Wyze light) light switch controlling a LED patio light string over the patio. Is there any way to get a motion event from the camera to turn on the light switch for a specific period of time, but ONLY during specific hours? I don’t want that light going off and on all day long as I move around the outside of my house. Those lights turning on with detected motion would be an AWESOME deterrent to a trespass at 3 am.

Currently, you should be able to trigger the light switch when motion is detected from a v3. However, the light switch would need to be able to wait for a set period of time to turn the lights off as the v3 does not have a no motion trigger event yet. At least, I don’t see one.

Yes, you can normally set a time period for this to occur in.

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@spamoni4, I think the camera is going to need Cam Plus to detect the motion these days. I know that an Alexa routine will not see the motion without Cam Plus. And also that’s partly because the light switch is not going to be available in a Wyze rule. So, they need to add Cam Plus and use an Alexa routine. And in that Alexa routine, they can set a timed window when this all takes place. Unless someone knows another way.

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Thanks for the Update. I was unable to attend the discussions today. Is the switch really not going to be available within the Wyze Rules? I know the video shows it will trigger stuff, assumed you could trigger it as well. Seems like it should be in the rules in order for things to function when you push the button. If you use Alexa, I agree in that you need CamPlus to effectively use motion detection on the Camera.

If the camera senses motion, and Wyze does allow the Switch to be triggered in a Rule, then it should be ok. We shall see what it will be like, I ordered a 3 pack for my use. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

Sorry, I didn’t mean Wyze light switch would not be in Wyze rules. Forgive that, please.

I was referring to the poster that stated he already had a light switch, which if already has, it is not a Wyze light switch. I should have said, a non-Wyze light switch would not be available for Wyze rules.

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you are correct, I misunderstood. Not a problem. I missed the Not Wyze Light Switch. Thanks for the correction and keeping me honest. :slight_smile:

you are 100% correct. Use CamPlius, then ensure both are in Alexa and have one trigger the other. I just confirmed you can set the v3 to trigger on Person Detection during a period of time as reflected in the image below. then you can set a Wait Type of Command followed by Tirning the item off again.

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Yea same here, Shipping is tacked on to my orders. Like you I am not ordering enough to get to $99 yet as I am ordering in pieces. :slight_smile:

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I inadvertently order 2 packs of the switchs which gave me 6 switches. :slight_smile: I was able to cancel and then order 1 pack. In the past I needed to cancel an order and did it the next day as it had to get through there systems. I was concerned I would not be able to.

is there a special way to get the free shipping? you were over the $99 :slight_smile:

The free shipping learn more says this:

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Here is the full writeup

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ahhhhhhh, thanks. Down side - as you know. If we wait until they are “in stock”, the price is higher anyway.


So true. Hard to not be a Pre-Order / Backer when the pricing is better. I waited on the Robot Vac and paid a lot more when I could have gotten it as a backer. Live and Learn.

Now I am struggling with the Solar Panel. Don’t have a real use case for it, I do have a WCO but my battery lasts for 4+ months. I also changed all my outdoor camera’s to v3’s and ran the required power to all locations. A part of me wants to get it and another says to not waste the money. :slight_smile:


I see you, lol Do it… its 20 bucks… before shipping.

Just wait until tomorrow’s new items and add it😈

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