CamPLUS+Cam3 Notifications Buggy (Found a Workaround Fix)

Let me just start by saying I really like my Wyze Cam 3 and it has worked very well up until this point. I mainly use it to keep an eye on the front of my property (Amazon drivers don’t always ring the doorbell).

Up until recently (a few weeks before the latest firmware update) I upgraded to CamPLUS so i could get Vehicle and Person detection on top of the normal Motion Detected notifications. This worked great…until it didn’t.

Some days it detects a Person, other days I only get Motion detection, and I am always now only notified if a Person walks by. I have submitted many logs and tickets to the Wyze team, done all the troubleshooting steps they suggested, and even restarted my phone. Nada.

Well, this morning my husband fixed it! Or at least made it so I could get notifications for Motion again. I just had to turn off all AI detection (Person, Vehicle, Pet, Package). Now I get notifications for all Motion. It just sucks that Person and Vehicle don’t work.


I have the same issue - motion notifications don’t work, but in my case it’s when Cam Plus is assigned to the camera. For me the only way to get motion notifications to work is to turn off Cam Plus completely. Turning off notifications for AI events and leaving motion events on was not sufficient to make it work.

It has been broken this way for at least a month, which is when I wanted this functionality. I reported it to support just now, will see how long it takes to fix it.

Good luck! I was able to make it work with my camera still assigned to my CamPlus, but I agree it is very annoying. I only got CamPlus functionality for maybe a couple weeks before the bug started. I hope the next update fixes everything! :slight_smile:

All of a sudden, starting today, the motion notifications started working for me!!! I did not touch any settings, so sounds like they may have fixed the bug? I hope it will stay working this way.