CamPlus and SD card?

I’m signed up for CamPlus on two existing V2 cameras that have SD memory cards, and thinking about getting a third V2. Is there any reason to get a SD card for the new camera if I plan to use CamPlus with it?

yes, lots of reasons…

  1. the cameras often complete miss events which would mean no recording whatsoever
  2. the recordings often stop prior to the activity ending despite what they say
  3. if your wifi is out or connection temporarily lost then the local recording on the microsd card is the only possible record of activity.
    32gb cards only cost $5. get one!

OK! I like those reasons - and I’m assuming I should set local storage to continuous recording to avoid the missed events/early stop issues. Thanks!

I put my SD card on continous recording from day one. I have been able to save clips of things that otherwise would not have been captured. Like the alarm going randomly of for a neighbors vehicle. Used the video to convince them to correct the issue.