Camper/RV Thermostat

I saw the news about home thermostats being released soon and very excited about that! We have a permanent camper set up at a campground with WiFi and it got me thinking how nice it could be to be able to control a thermostat for our camper! I have searched high and low for anyone who makes one and they do not exist (yes you can do modifications to home thermostat but I do not feel confident in doing that). It would be nice if we could turn our A/C or heat on prior to arriving and if you forget to turn it off when you get home no worries, with the app we could check and take care of it! Or going away for a bit with pets in the camper you can monitor the temperature easy enough!

The biggest issues that home thermostats can’t be used in RV’s is the 12v vs 24v. Please consider this! I have talked to many neighbors and there are plenty that would purchase this!

We have an RV in a park too. Have a WYZE Pan outside and a V2 inside.
Like you I have researched a Wifi control for AC without finding anything.
Like you, we sometimes leave our dog in the trailer when we are out. An RV can heat up a lot faster than a house if the AC quits.

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Folks, the tech details of building a bit of hardware that handle 24vAC as opposed to 12vDC are tiny compared to the number of wiring schemes you intend to support.

So please do both.

There a pretty big RV community out here where we replace the old, dumb, analog thermostat with just about an exact replacement of the 1950’s original.

Reason: no choice, if we want to go “digital” we are told “oh, in that case you have to replace the AC control unit as well”, bang goes another $200"

This is BS, most RV thermostats are

  • 12v-input power,
  • 12v-outputs for cooling OR heating (never do both at the same time)
  • and a fan ( or possibly an extra for hi-fan)

5 or 6 wires. and they are really logic-level, this is a few milliamps at 12v,
we are not running any power here (thats the bloody control box I talked about)

So: need coding help?
I’m in, I do C, C#, Java, Python and just about every other language since I got into the computer field in 1977 (yes, I even do COBOL)
And I have an RV, and a boat, so half the time one is empty, and I want a wifi-enabled thermostat thats NOT tied to some $5 monthly subscription.

Need a beta tester, sign me up, I’ll pony $100 for a beta unit (or two?)


When I checked my RV T-stat wiring against the the Wyze compatibility site it said it would work so I ordered two T-stats (yet to be delivered). Then yesterday I was watching Youtube videos who stated a normal home unit will not work. So here I am looking for an answer. One cavate is that my RV is a destination model which is like a cross between a Park model and a travel trailer. So maybe the wiring is more like a home than an RV (it’s new to me and not that familiar). I will test the wiring voltage/types prior to installing but if anyone has insight in the mean time please share.
Thank you

We have a destination model as well and it is wired just like any other RV. Park Models may be different but Destinations are not. I wish there was an easy fix for this, the market would be huge for this!

Same here - I have been looking for a smart thermostat for our RV for years. Hope Wyze offers one soon

I wish Wyze made a Smart RV Thermostat!! I was just thinking about this the other day. We have our 91 year old grandma who lives in an RV on our property. She has memory loss and we worry about her messing around with the thermostat and not knowing how it fix it. If we could control it from our phones to make sure it is always comfortable in there that would be amazing.

Ok, my system is in fact 12vdc.
I am trying to use two of these thermostats in my RV which uses a 12dc system.
My plan is to power the Wyze Tstat with a stand alone 24vac transformer. From the Tstat output to three or four 24vac relays to switch on power from the 12vdc system to the Heater and A/C units. I think it’s seems fairly straight forward all be it a bit bulky and spendy. Hope my description is clear and concise.

If you make this work I would love to know what I would need to buy and how to wire it! Still would prefer an out of the box system for RVs.

I didn’t see this nor do I know how complicated this may be but would it be possible to get the Wyze Thermostat for RV use?

It would be great to go our cameras.

Hey - were you able to get this to work?

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So I was able to hook this up to my Coleman Mach ac/furnace without any issues even though it says it needs 24v. During the setup I selected “other” under the W1 (heating) control and that set it up to only turn on the furnace. In only hooked up the “high” fan wire up, I never use the “low” seeing anyway. You could wire in a spdt switch to manually control that if you wanted though. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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LIke DSAK said it definitely works without adapters. I did a writeup on it with some pictures and wiring diagram for my setup if you are interested.


I get an Access denied error with your link.

This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

The link works fine for me.

You should be able to now. I have some pretty strict firewall rules in place that I needed to relax. Hope that helps. Thanks for letting me know.

All good. You must have been blocking Canada. :laughing:
Thanks for the writeup.

Is your original a Coleman Mach thermostat?
It looks like i is from the partial pic.

That is the same one. I feel that just like the key to the side storage compartments, the chance of having the same thermostat in an RV is pretty high, haha. And yes, I was blocking Canada. I have to admit I was lazy at first and blocked everywhere but the US to cutdown on spam.

That’s funny, most of the SPAM I get is from the US. Trying to get my vote or sell me realestate. :grin:

I have two trailers and have had 3 others. Only one has this thermostat but all had the CH357 side conpartment key. :slight_smile:

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Same Tstat here also. I posted some amp reading on the other thread if interested.