Campan V2 died, still waiting on replacement

So far I have had 2 of my V2 campan die within a matter of 2 months or less, the second one I am still waiting on wyze to send my replacement, and it’s going on 2 months already. Every time I call to check on it I get the same answer, still out of stock. OK, so send me an upgrade to a V3, obviously the v2 are junk, bad part is I have a 3rd one that has also died. Since one of them is already dead, I opened it up to see if maybe was something simple to fix, what I found was shocking. A bunch of the tiny smd resistors were burnt up or corroded, I wish I could attach pics to show how bad it looks.

What’s happening when you try to add photos? Did you use the upload button Screenshot_20230802-172232?

Depending on your device and forum theme you upload button may look somewhat different than this.

upload button shows now in the reply, and here are the pics. These are just a couple of the worst spots. Mind you this camera was less than 2 months old.

This is from a pan v2 right? Where was this one mounted? What is your support ticket number? I can escalate it to see if there is something else that can be done or at least to double check that things are still in track for you.

Correct a V2, wasn’t really mounted it was sitting in a bay window, ticket (3079543) , thanks, as I said, I still have another one that died, it was actually the last v2 replacement that was sent, it also died less than a month later, same issue, that I still have not called support on because if it’s taking this long to get a replacement…

What was the date of your last communication with Support on this issue? What was the actual date when you contacted them? Specifics will help with the escalation procedure to get a fresh set of eyes on this, thanks in advance!

My last actual communication was the day I posted this after I got off the phone with support telling me cameras are still not in inventory.