Cameras stay offline when after wireless router is rebooted

I use an ASUS router. My cameras are all connected to the guest network. I have multiple devices (non Wyze) that are on the guest network also. After the router is rebooted, all devices [except for (4) Wyze Pan and Scan cameras] reconnected to the router .

I have:
4x Pan and Scan
1x v3.

None of the Wyze Pan and Scan cameras reconnected until I power cycle them. I even waited about 30 minutes until I started power cycling.
I power cycled (4 cameras) all except 1 Pan and Scan. Waited over 2 hours. The last Pan and Scan still didn’t connect until I power cycled.

This seems like a potential security issue (for the Pan and Scan model). Maybe someone who knows how to jam a wireless network can repro… but my thoughts are, if all you need to do is jam the network for a few seconds (then turn off your jammer), all cameras may not reconnect to the proper wifi (the same as a router reboot).

Have you tried disabling “Airtime Fairness”? I haven’t had this issue and I don’t have an ASUS router so this is all I can recommend. More information here:

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I’ve got an ASUS 68u and have the same issue. Haven’t found a fix and don’t have airtime fareness on

Is anyone else broadcasting the same guest network SSID?

Maybe twiddle IP Isolation or similar settings.

So I have seen similar issues, but not all the time. One thing I have done to improve not only this, but several other issues was to schedule a daily reboot of each camera at a random time. Yes, there is a chance I could miss something during the reboot, but far less chance that I could miss DAYS of video due to an offline camera. Each camera can be scheduled individually, so I chose starting at 2:13 a.m. and have one reboot ever 6 minutes or so.


I searched my manual (RT-AX3000). I don’t see something with fairness in it.

My SSID is unique. Thanks for replying.

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Great idea. I will schedule mine. However, still think root cause needs to be looked into/addressed.

Being that other devices do reconnect; I feel that it’s not necessarily pointing to ASUS at this time.


For some reason, all my Pan and Scan cameras fail on the scheduled reboot ‘every’ nitght. The v3 does succeed.
I wonder if anyone has the automation to ‘restart’ a Pan and Scan implemented and working.