Cams offine after router reboot?

Orbi router needed a reboot after removing a guest network. Reboot done and 5 of 6 cams are offline and need a hard restart. That seems unacceptable. Is there a way to avoid this?

how long did you give them to connect after the router rebooted?

or by chance did you have them connected to the guest network and thus when that was turned off you lost the actual connection?

Sometimes, you need to power cycle the devices in order for it to find itself on your wifi network.

Update: 2 have come online.

How long has it been? Hours.

Were they on the guest network? No. Nothing was on the guest network, it was on for testing purposes only.

Avoid having all the channel 11 WiFi devices try to connect at the same time. You can be the arbiter of the competition for conection by powering down devices. Power up only after the others have connected.

The DHCP server in your router usually assigns the same IP address to the MAC address to which it was originally associated, until the address lease time expires, could be hours or days. All those leases were broken when the router reboot.

The cameras may be attempting to use those same assigned address and conflict with what the newly booted router wants to assign. If you power cycle the camera it will request a new IP address to be assigned from the router’s DHCP, (BOOTP).

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