Cameras on different wi fi’s?

I already have a camera set up on my home wi if that works great.
What I would like to do is install a new camera at a different location (my mom’s house) that has different wi fi. (Have wi fi name and password)
Can I register that camera on my exsisting account
Even know it’s not on my original cameras wi fi?
Will I be able to view it and share so she can also view it?

Yes, you assign the WiFi network when you set up the camera. This can be different for each camera. Even within the same home, sometimes people use WiFi extenders that have different SSIDs, so it’s not a problem. :slight_smile:


Absolutely. I do the same thing for my mother in law 160 miles away. Setup her cams on her network under my account, set her and my in-laws up with their own accounts (with no devices) , then shared with them.
Works great! Plus, the in-laws now can add their own devices to their accounts.