Two family home, multiple cameras on same WiFi?

Hi there. I live in a two family home. My parents are in the lower half while my husband and I are in the upper half. My xfinity internet runs the entire house, both my devices and theirs downstairs. I recently got a cam to keep an eye on my cat while at work. My father bought some cams to keep an eye on my early stages Alzheimer’s mother while he’s at work.

I am wondering if since it’s all run on the same WiFi, will he be able to set up his cams and app downstairs and have it be separate than mine upstairs or will it all be on the same account?

Hopefully I worded this all correctly and it isn’t too confusing haha! TIA!

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The network doesn’t make a difference when it comes to the cameras. If you setup your camera on your account and he sets up his cameras on his account they will remain on separate and can operate on the same network.