Cameras offline for 1 minute every hour

I have several cameras of various versions, when on the newest firmware (not happening on for my older cams for example) the cameras go offline for exactly one minute every hour, almost lieclock work. Contacted wyze last year about this and they told me it was my internet not providing a good enough connection, except I have a beefy router and gigabit fiber internet. Even with cameras feet away from the router they all have issues on the newer firmwares. I flashes snack to the old firmware per Wyzes advice and it fixed itself. Flash forward a year and I got a notice to update my firmware so I assumed they had fixed their issues by now, but they have not.

So I basically can’t update any of my cams because of this.

Thoughts? I have no other devices with WiFi issues, doorbells and other branded cameras further away, and WiFi switches and smart devices all fine. Only wyze on the newer firmware is angry about it.

Oh, looks like I found another person with this problem! I recently sent in a support ticket and they gave me a lovely precanned response (paired with taking a long time to answer) with resetting the camera, check my Wifi, factory reset, and all that junk that doesn’t address the problem. This ‘issue’ only started appearing after the latest firmware upgrade. Cameras would go offline and then become available again shortly after. Sometimes they’ll stay offline - even though they’re completely accessible and recording to SD & cloud - which I find ridiculous that they even asked me to “check my motion sensitivity”. The way I’ve gotten around it, and by no means a solution, is to just pull the plug and reset the camera and force refresh the app until the camera appears online again. This could be easier to achieve if you say… hook up a wifi receptacle/plug that you can cycle on/off if the plug isn’t in an accessible place.