Cameras Offline but

All my cameras are offline, and the cloud symbol is crossed out. However, I can open each and still watch the live stream. Only that I’m not getting any event alerts. See picture.

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I have same problem, but it is only affecting one of three cameras. Camera is offline, no alerts, but can view live stream and view playback.

I tried restarting camera from app, but that didn’t help. I unplugged camera from wall and replugged to restart it. Camera is back online.

Unfortunately I don’t have that luxury. I’m out of town for the week. So I’ll be blind to events while I’m out…

I can appreciate that. I’m away as well, but was able to have someone reset like that. Hope you find an alternative solution.

Same here. Can see the vid feed but the notifications and sensors don’t work because they’re “offline”

found that the camera stopped working (shown as offline) when my router was connected to my VPN service. When off of VPN service it works again.