Offline but NOT?

I am using my Android phone (OnePlus 6T) and the app is saying the one of the three cameras is offline, as well at the door sensor to my storage door. Although, they say they are offline I can still access the video feed and door sensor. I did try to reset the camera remotely, but the offline status will not allow me to do so, even though I can still access the live video feed. Anyone have an explanation for this? Or have suggestions?

PS - I am currently out of town so a hard reset at the camera would be very difficult. Also, the one camera that is “offline but not” is the only camera that has the bridge connected to it. Which could explain the sensor haveing the same offline notification?!

PSS - I would attach a screen capture of the app but I’m not sure how to do so.

@Jossue88 Welcome to the community! I use a smart plug on my cameras. That way when I’m away from home I can power cycle the camera via of the Wyze plug when needed. Otherwise, there is little that can be done unless you have someone you trust to go in and do a manual power cycle on the camera which will usually bring it back online.

That is actually a great idea. Never occurred to me to use a Wyze Plug on a Wyze Cam. Thanks for the suggestion!

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You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face: