Cameras not working over internet

My 6 wyze v3 cameras work fine in my wifi via the wyze app.

But I tried over the internet using LTE (I turned wifi off in my iPhone) and the cameras never seem to connect. If I turn wifi on again they work.

Please tell me this is meant to also work remotely over LTE and 5G or I have just spent $$$ for nothing!

I am not a Wyze Employee, I try to help when and if I can.

They do work over LTE / Outside of your home. I use mine all the time.

  • Can you let us know what your Network setup is like? Router, provider, etc.
  • What device are you using. Could be a setting on your phone
  • is your app up to date and all Firmware updates installed?

Hmm. This is the first time I’ve seen this complaint. I would suspect that *private network" nonsense feature but the poster says that WiFi was completely off…

I have every camera fully updated to latest version. Triple confirmed this.
I am on an iPhone 12 Pro.
I am accessing from phone using T-Mobile LTE.
I have an ASUS router.

I really need to make this work. Glad to hear internet access is supported.

Do you have any additional firewalling features enabled on the router or camera? Connectivity depends on a P2P connection being established via a 3rd party provider called ThroughTek / TUTK. If you have such firewalling features turned on, disable them. They are rarely of any use.

After researching I now believe the issue is with the ASUS router. I am on Merlín firmware. They recommend disabling the “airtime Fairness” feature to play nicely with Wyze cameras, but the Merlin firmware does not have this feature. I am considering reverting to factory firmware for this ASUS router now.

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Update: I removed the MerlĂ­n firmware from my ASUS router and installed the factory firmware.


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