Camera won't connect to hotspot

I’m trying to set up my camera using my hotspot in my phone. I connect a different phone to my hotspot and try using it to set up the camera but it keeps saying no network. It says it’s 2.4 ghz. Am I doing something wrong?

Setting up a hotspot can be tricky. I had set one up with one camera fairly easily.
I’m out in rural Mississippi. So signal strength can vary at almost the same location over time.
I set up a hotspot, set up a camera, made sure it worked,
Two days later, same place no-go, I tried 2 different cams. Today I measured the signal strength at the spot it was -117dBm. Probably too weak.

Hotspots can often be difficult, all right. Weirdness, like I had to set up a travel router in repeater mode before my cam would set up on the hotspot. Figure that one out, all it did was repeat the same network that was inches away. Once I did that, I never needed the travel router again.

So, give us some specifics: What OS, what provider?

The provider is Verizon. Not sure about os

OS is Android or Apple.

BTW, the combo I needed that travel router to get the cam set up was Verizon, with an Apple iPhone 6 on iOS 11.

Make sure you don’t have any special characters in your hotspot name. I got rid of an apostrophe for instance, because I saw some character weirdness when I did the travel router scan. Didn’t help me in my case, but was an indication of possible trouble to come.

I changed my password and that worked. Thanks a bunch.