New Hotspot for cameras

I’m going to be getting a new hotspot for my cameras at a remote location. I will have a friend power it up. Can I set the cameras from my location or will I need to physically there and run set up again?

You have to set the cameras up on the Wi-Fi network they will be on
if you set the new one up with the same name and password as the old one , you don’t have to reset them up

You can set the cameras up with the hotspot most anywhere. But the cameras and the hotspot must be colocated for setup.
For example I’ve a Mobley “hotspot”. I’ve set up cameras with it then moved it and the cameras miles.

So you could get the hotspot, set it and the cameras up at your location, then ship them to your friend.

The cameras are already set up there. I was hoping I could set them up for with the app here with the new hotspot settings then send him the hotspot.

How would I do that? I’m not very tech savvy!

If the cameras are already set up in the remote location I don’t think there is any way around going thru the full setup procedure,

Like @HDRock said, if you set up the hotspot with the same network name and password of the old hotspot, you can probably get away with just sending him the new device.

If you have a different network name or password, then you will need to do the QR scan with the cameras and the hotspot in the same location.

How would I set the new one with the old one?

I don’t know what hotspots you are talking about, so there is no way to give you instructions other than to say every network has a name (SSID), and in the case of networks compatible with a Wyze cam, a WPA/WPA2 password. If you have control over the network name & password on your hotspot, then if you set them to the name & password the cam is using now you may be able to escape setting them up in the same room. Otherwise, the cams and the hotspot will need to be together while you re-setup the cams for the new network name & password.