Camera triggering Lights and the grid detention zone

I have some V2 cameras, on the detection zone settings I show a grid (that works perfect) only on one camera. How can I get the grid to show up on the other cameras?

I using one of the cameras to turn on my Wyze lights. But now I do not get camera notifications to my phone. Not sure what I did wrong.

Before installing the lights I was getting notifications to my phone but sometimes it would take up to 30 minutes. How can I speed that up?

Thanks for any help

Hello @crob and welcome to the community

If they are both v2 cams and the grid is only showing on one of them you need to update the firmware on the other one. am not sure on the notification timing issue.

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When I look at the Firmware Update on my phone, it says each camera is up to date

What are the firmware versions? What type of cameras?

Cameras are V2, The camera that is showing the grids has firmware version The other camera show firmware version

But it is showing all cameras as up to date and does not show an update firmware button. Not sure how to get the other cameras updated to the version

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That firmware update was paused. If you want to update the .199 to the .218, you’ll have to do it manually per the firmware changelog page.

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Thanks, I’ll give that a try

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I dont think you should do the update. It was paused as the firmware update had problems. As usual. :roll_eyes:

Good idea, I’ll wait till they fix it!