Camera trashed SD card

It recorded all the events on 5/12 and half day on 5/13 and stopped recording, took the card out and the files for the 1½ days are there, put the card back and tried formatting in the camera, it gave the sound that it was done but after checking all the files for those two days are still there, took card out and tried to format in PC and it came back with an error the disk is write protected, I checked the card holder and the switch is not locked, I’ve tried CHKDSK and is says card is write protected, I tried a Microsoft suggestion for corrupted cards to alter the registry in the PC to get around the write protection with no luck, don’t know what else to try to Format and save the card, meanwhile put another card in the camera and is running fine since yesterday. Open to suggestions on how to format the damaged card… HELP!

Also you may want to see this:

More info about the t2testw program (which you should use to test cards when you receive them, and before using the card / usb drive for anything important.

Thanks BuckEye, tried all the suggested fixes, nothing worked, decided to contact Samsung for a warranty replacement