Camera shutdown and turned to different direction automatically

Hi everybody,
Just want to check if anyone has the same problem, the issue was, today I found my wyze camera(Wyze Cam Pan) direction is not correct, it was facing to the living room but now it face to a wall, I checked the “View Playback” and found two days ago in midnight, there is two minutes gap, after the gap the camera direction changed. Anyone knows the reason? could it be possible that it is because kernel update? but I assume the update/upgrade won’t happen automatically except user click on the App manually. Or could the camera got hacked? is any log I can have a look? thanks!

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Mine does this rarely if it loses Wi-Fi connection basically just came to reconnect it self and re-integrate itself and it never ends up back in the same direction

thanks! I will do some test to see if this is the case.

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my camera started doing the same thing but it didnt lose power or wifi signal . every time i go to check the camera its pointed directly at the wall

I’d say there was a power glitch, ie, a momentary power outage that caused the cam to go thru its power on cycle.