Camera movement during gap in recording

Hi! I just set up three Wyze Pan Cams and have been using them for a few days. This morning I noticed that two of them had changed direction. They have SD cards and are set to “Continuous recording”, so I scanned through the playback to see what happened.

Both cameras had a gap in their recording during the night, about 4 minutes long. Before the gap they were pointed in the direction I set them, and after it they were pointed in slightly different directions. They are not set for motion tracking or pan scan. Everyone in the house was asleep, so this was not triggered intentionally.

I can understand an occasional gap in recording, but is there any benign explanation for the change of direction during the gap?

My guess is for some reason during the night the cameras reset, that would account for the 4 minute loss of video and I have also had my pan at times forget where to look after a reset so it could account for the pointing in a different position. Curious if the 4 minute gap was at the same time on both cameras.

They were not at the same time but about 3 hours apart.

Sounds to me like the Pan disconnection issue that others are experiencing which caused the cam to reboot.
As a note, you can set a single waypoint in the pan-scan settings and after the cam reboots it will go to that position automagically… of course you will not know that this issue occurred as easily.