Gaps on recordings

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I have a Wyze Pan Cam and have motion detection for recording. It’s pointed to baby’s bed and it should record when he moves, but that’s not what happens, it’s only records a small part of it. Sometimes, I get to baby’s room and he has turned on his bed, but when I check recordings, I have only the first video, he’s in normal position and then, much time later, a video where he’s already turned, but no video with him turning all the way down.

What should I do to have this recordings right?

Using latest beta firmware.

@leandrofuscaldi I would recommend using continuous recording to your SD card. With this setting you shouldn’t ever miss any movement.

When continuous recording is selected, your camera continuously records video to the microSD card. This gives you the option of having a constant recording available for playback later.

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You might still get gaps even with continuous SD recording… I had one hour gaps on my wyze cam v1. Pan cam might be ok though.

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After I switched to High Endurance cards, I haven’t had any problems since. It really does makes a big difference. I never experience gaps unless there is a loss of power. Recordings to my microSD cards have been very reliable.


Any particular recommendation? @Hemi suggested SanDisk Extreme which doesn’t technically use the phrase “high endurance” but I suspect qualifies…

I second @StopICU33 on the high Endurance cards and on the Continuous recording. If you are just relying on motion events for monitoring your Baby’s movements don‘t forget about the cool down period.
High Endurance cards, unlike standard data cards ( even high quality ones) are made for the constant rewrite cycles of video recording. Here is some info on them:
Info on High Endurance Cards
High Endurance Cards
Memory card formatter

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This is the one I’m using in my cams. They’re currently $8.99 :+1:

Samsung PRO Endurance 32GB


Well, just ordered one of those High Endurance. Let’s see if solves the problem. Its very annoying to have one image with te baby in on position and then one hour later, have another image with the baby already turned 180 degrees. And the motion alert has given many alerts during this hour…


Thank you @StopICU33.

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My cam has been doing something similar. It’s been recording events and sending me notifications all day because it’s windy out and the trees are moving but when the mail man came to deliver the mail it didn’t get that. What’s up with that?? I do not have a memory card in it I just rely on the event recordings stored on my phone. But what the hell…it’s been recording it’s ass off all day and then when a person actually comes onto the porch it doesn’t get that.

You know about the so called “cooldown period” if you don’t have CamPlus service, right? No recordings to cloud for 5 minutes after every event.

No I did not know that! I am currently on a Camplus trial though. Expires tomorrow. But thanks for letting me know about the cool down thing.

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