Camera quality milky fuzzy and pixelated

I have a camera I like to keep in my car I use an old phone with Tether and it worked great. The picture quality was just as good as any other wyze cameras.
I can’t remember for sure if it started before or after a firmware update but now the camera is milky pixelated and somewhat fuzzy . I did multiple reboots manual firmware reinstall. I also look at the lens and cleaned it . And I still have the same milky pixelated fuzzy picture none of my other cameras have it just the one if someone could get me in the right direction to understand what happened that would be cool.

Could you post a photo or video clip of what you’re seeing?

hope it helps

Do you have a bright light source in the upper left? That looks at first glance like washout from the bright light.

there is a light there but here’s another picture and it’s the same

Yup, that’s not looking good. You’ve done what I would have suggested (re-flash the firmware). So I think submitting a support request is your next option.

Will do thanks for your help