Camera points straight up. How do I get it to the view area?

I have installed per directions. My cameras view is straight up. How do I get it to go to view sequence?

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There are 2 settings areas that will affect the Home Position of your Cam: Detection Zone and Pan Scan.

If you have the Detection Zone and Pan Scan off, when you view the cam in the App, use the circular directional pad to move the cam. When you stop, that will be the new home position.

With Detection Zone On and Pan Scan off, where the cam is pointing when you set the Detection Zone will be your set Home Position.

If you want the cam to scan from point to point, you can set up to 4 Home Position Waypoints. Drag the toolbar below the video image to the left until you see Pan Scan. Enable it and it should turn green. You can allow the cam to use its own waypoints, or you can set your own by tapping the box for Waypoint #1 and then pointing the cam at the area you want the cam to start and clicking save. Repeat the steps for the remaining 3 waypoints.

If you want the cam to follow moving objects when it sees them, enable Track Motion in the toolbar. The cam will track an object while it can and will then return to scanning from waypoint to waypoint when the motion stops.

My problem is the picture is projected upside down. I have no idea how it flipped.

What is the fix?

Sorry, I appreciate your reply!

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Oh, that is a setting in the Advanced Settings menu of the Cam Settings.