Camera partially active after power outage

We have a fair number of power outages here. I have 2 x V3 and 3xV2 and 1 Pan cam. After the power comes back on some of the V2 cameras list as 'off line 'on the App and web but I can still go to the camera and get live views. I cannot remotely restart the camera and some of the other commands (IR lights on/off/auto) sometimes respond after a delay. Needless to say any detections are not recorded to the cloud.

I have to go and physically unplug/replug the camera to get full functionality.

Any idea why they are only partially recovering? Has happened twice so far

I guess one option is to install smart plugs at the cams- provided they come back on :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for any suggestions

I’ve done this for all my cameras. You may want to consider a different brand of plugs. I have Kasa and they work well.