Camera not reliable! Constant time out

So unreliable!!! Times out always while we are away, and trouble shooting says reset!!! [Mod Edit]?!? How the hell can I reset the [Mod Edit] camera when I’m 2 thousand miles away!!! Does not ever record movement events!!! When I try to access events it’s tells me to try again later!!! [Mod Edit] My internet is lightning fast!!! So disappointed in this product so far!!!

Which camera are you talking about?
Lightning fast internet has nothing to do with it, It is the strength of the signal at the camera which can be effected by numerous things like structure construction, location (distance of the cam from the router) + a lot more.

Oh yeah!?!? All of a sudden!?!? Your response is so lacking from a customer service perspective!!! In other words!!! [Mod Edit] I’m not liking WYZE for a while!!! When I’m 1000 miles from home and you tell me to reset my [Mod Edit] camera is a joke!!! How the [Mod Edit] can I do that from 1000 miles away!!! [Mod Edit]

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This forum is primarily a user-to-user community and not a substitute for Wyze Customer Support. You are responding to a fellow user, not Customer Support.

Fellow users may be able to help if you provide some details regarding your setup. I.e., what model(s) of cams are you running? Any specific error codes displayed? Post some screenshots?