Always frustrating never captures what I need

I’ve had my out door cams for awhile. This post is hopefully to help someone make the decision not to get a wyze outdoor cam or to spend money on cam plus.
Anytime I have something happen the camera doesn’t capture it. I have a few. I also have a couple spot’s multiple cameras are pointed in that same general area.
I often wake up and even though I have the base set to Ethernet and wifi. 1 of my bases will be offline.
Wyze did send a new base but it also goes offline. A simple unplug and back in works but that means. It didn’t capture an event.

The other thing I pay for cam plus. It still cuts off at 6 seconds today. The recycling crew yet again threw and destroyed my plants out front. My wyze can only caught them pulling up and grabbing a can. Then it stopped I guess because the truck stopped or they stopped for a second. They need to record longer.

The other thing I have to have an old Android because no matter how much I try on the iPhone app. It doesn’t let me schedule recordings on the wyze sd cards I bought. I bought theirs thinking it would be the most compatible. They are worthless if they cut off while there are still people out there. At least my arlo record as long as theirs heat.

So ready to just trash them after almost 2 years and multiple conversations with support. I know it’s not just me on iOS with the issues.

What’s funny is before I bought plus for 4 cameras. They always recorded the 12 seconds. Now I’m lucky to get 8


They should work with Cam Plus? I’ve had the same Base and 4 WCO in operation since October 2020 and I have the cams on Cam Plus Lite now since I had issues with Cam Plus. Cam Plus Lite will record for 12 seconds and back up the videos to the base also, Cam Plus will not backup to the base. I have also been doing scheduled event recording to 32GB SD cards in the cameras since Feb. 2021 and it does work on iOS which is what I use.My Base is connected via ethernet. Here is one cam and a shot of base backup:

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Left video of all it recorded with can plus. No it’s not just because it’s raining. Just because yours works doesn’t mean others don’t have issues.

Totally AGREE! 6 mo of CamPlus to ‘catch’ a neighbor’s DOG and only getting Sound/Vehicle and People info even with PET set UP - Too will be ditching this company at the end of my contract!

I believe you don’t want to - and will get excited probably - but you could just set it to continuous record.

The issue you bring up is far greater than you understand. If it records every movement perfectly then it has to perfectly deal with trees, sunlight, leaves, and many other things that is next to impossible. That would mean its going into continuous recording anyway.

It could be better though I agree. But, it does obviously have the means to give you everything. You just don’t want to use it that way.

I’m going to add too. This is a cheap cam. If you’re really that concerned about security then you should buy a proper grade security cam and service and pay for it. You get what you pay for. Everyone wants to not pay.

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I have had good luck with Wyze v3 wired cameras shooting through double pane glass. I have SD cards set to Continuous Recording so everything is captured. If you have windows positioned where you want to monitor, I would try a v3 and see if it fits your needs. Also, I am using Cam Plus Lite.